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The Real Meaning of CRM: Introducing Base CRM

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves. – Steve Jobs, Apple

Large companies already know what CRM means, but for the small business, what does CRM mean to them?

What most people have come to think of when the acronym CRM is used, is a software.

CRM software is only a tool, the process, and practices of engaging with consumers is the actual definition.


Okay, we have defined it, but what does CRM mean as a process? This is where customer relationship management has a tremendous effect on your brand.

How you engage customers, whether it is your frequency, your tone, or what you approach them with all impacts their perception in one direction or another.

Businesses should develop a strategic approach to this relationship, from the way they greet people, the words that are specifically used to describe the benefits and characteristics of the company and its products, etc.

Building out a vision for an ideal relationship with a customer, and the ones that are less than savory is important. Sometimes, it is not how we handle our best customers, but how we treat the ones that are troublesome that can impact brand more than any other.

Think of the example of United Airlines and how they handled the situation with the man who would not get off the plane. Beating him up and dragging him off was indeed not the right decision.

However, they apparently didn’t have the processes in place for handling a situation like this one.

Software can undoubtedly be helpful regarding the implementation of a customer relationship management strategy. However, it only works if you have a strategy, to begin with.

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Technology is a beautiful thing. It has given a single person with a laptop more power than an entire company had 100 years ago. The power of automation, computing capacity, and networking ability is remarkable.

With this said, there are countless options and which one to choose as your customer relationship management tool is a big one.

Some of the major players in the industry are Salesforce, Infusionsoft, and Hubspot are all great products. The one thing is that some can be very overwhelming for small businesses to set up and see any real value without hiring a customer relationship management consultant to set it up for them.

A newer player called Base CRM has recently approached JaxonLabs. Their philosophy is centered around simplicity, integration, and ease of use. This is something we like, and so do our clients.

Feel free to check Base CRM out, and reach out to JaxonLabs if you have any questions about what CRM would be suitable for your business or need help developing out your customer relationship management strategy.

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