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Why Brand Ambassadors Are Changing Marketing

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Awareness is fine, but advocacy will take your business to the next level! ―Joe Tripodi (CMO Coca-Cola)

When asking a business what their favorite form of marketing is, how do they generally respond? For myself and many of others, it’s word-of-mouth.


Simple, it’s a low-cost method of driving high-quality leads. Producing high-quality leads is why brand ambassadors are changing the marketing landscape.

Think of a brand ambassador as your hired word-of-mouth marketer. Maybe it’s not entirely as genuine as a satisfied customer telling a friend, but if you think about it a little harder, you’ll understand it might even be better.

In the pre-social media environment, people were much more limited to their immediate network. As a result, they could only share information about products they loved with a select group of people.

Now that digital experiences have become a routine part of nearly everyone’s lives, its time to understand the different ways brand ambassadors can maximize your brand potential.


There is a tactic we use in developing a brand strategy that involves identifying an ideal customer. The goal is to get very specific and make this person real, or as real as possible.

By taking this idea one step further and allowing your ideal customers the opportunity to take the initiative and create content, you will be tapping into a whole new level of brand psychology.

Their content is then submitted to your marketing team and distributed across platforms. You will see a fresh perspective on your brand and how it relates to the people actually motivated to buy it.

Expect to see more of this over the coming years. Get in early, and lay a solid foundation for the future.


In the modern era of marketing, it’s all about the customer, their state of mind and connecting with them on an emotional level. So why not find someone who actually lives a life like these people and feature them in your content?

It’s very likely that you can find an influencer with either an active following or a brand ambassador with the creative wherewithal to produce high-value content.

The relationship can work both ways, you can pay influencers to post your content on their page, or you can hire ambassadors to produce content that you can share on your page or other influencer pages.

Think of it like building a community of ambassadors and influencers that connect with different segments of your market and ultimately drive engagement back into your business.


Depending on the size of your marketing budget, and the psychology behind your customers you will be choosing wisely where to invest your dollars.

Some big brands pay 10k+ minimum to be involved with some of the most influential personalities online.

However, you can start smaller, by finding people to produce content, in environments that aren’t easily accessible to your marketing team, but where your customer is.

No more agencies to find models and big production expenses to fly people to exotic locations and events that generally require a lot of investment for an uncertain return.

Not to say this is a bad idea for those with the budgets, but not everyone has 500k+ to invest in a single marketing campaign.

As you grow the quality of your content, you can find more brand ambassadors to create and influencers to share your content.

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