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What is Brand Building?

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

You may have seen or heard the term Brand Building and wondered “What on earth is brand building?” Is that designing a new logo? Creating content for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube? Or building a new website perhaps?

Maybe you’d think that brand building is all of these activities… And you would be right!

In fact, I would take it further than this and tell you that brand building is the process by which the core values that drive your branded experience are embodied in every aspect of your business.

If the idea is to build something that attracts stakeholders who are actively willing to invest in your business and become champions of your brand – then you need to build an entire eco-system that enables this kind of loyalty and performance.

Brand Building is About Creating Value

That means creating a product or service of real value to your customers, establishing a design aesthetic, producing content for distribution, choosing the platform your business runs on, and most importantly, the people that run it.

Each system needs to be in alignment with delivering on its promise to each stakeholder.

Not every brand has it together 100% of the time, all the time. We grow, we learn and we adapt based on new challenges due to growth and market conditions or feedback.

Brands that excel either have a clear vision and a powerful WHY out of the gate or they shape it over time.

Building a Strong Brand Takes Time

Don’t feel bad if you have been shaping yours over time, that is how it usually works until an aha moment!

This is why brands build. They refine their systems and approach over time as the culture begins to take shape and evolve.

A brand may have a strong visual presence but struggle with the integration of technology to streamline interaction, which can negatively affect the stakeholders’ experience of the brand.

To build a great website, you probably need to build something and optimize it. Data is the source of truth for all engagements.

With it, we uncover valuable information that is integrated back into the brand building efforts.

And this goes for most areas of a business. So next time you hear someone talking about brand building ask them what it means.

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