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Brand Builders Are Business Superheroes

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Brands mature over time, like a marriage. The bond you feel with your spouse is different than when you first met each other. Excitement and discovery are replaced by comfort and depth. ―Gary Vaynerchuk

Okay, you might be wondering why would I dare compare brand builders to superheroes.

That seems like a reach at first glance, but I will explain as this article develops why brand builders are so crucial to maintaining harmony within your business.

When researching the term “Brand Builder Definition” online I didn’t find an answer that satisfied me whole-heartily. Although brand builder is Googled up to 100k times monthly, it is still unclear exactly what they are. The first characteristic of a superhero is that they are often hard to define at first glance.

So, let’s hope this article can serve as the new benchmark for defining a brand builder.

In our eyes, a brand builder is someone who has the vision, discipline, and ability to successfully implement ideas that relate to a central purpose of an organization or individual. In short, they do things that most normal people cannot do.


Why? Because the average person has enough on their plate balancing one or two of these aspects, let alone juggling all of them.

Think about how many people you run into on a daily basis that have grand visions. How many of these people have a hard time completing the necessary work required to bring such a vision to life?

Beyond that, how many maintain the discipline to stay committed to the purpose of an idea when an opportunity for short-term profit asks them to compromise their beliefs?

I bet you are scratching your head right now. Maybe you think you are one of those people that can juggle all three. I hope you are, because that is who I strive to align with in life and bring into the lives of the organizations I work with.

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The truth is, a brand builder is the glue that holds a business or idea together.

When I think of Mark Zuckerberg, I remember the movie (The Social Network) where he (played by Jesse Eisenberg) told his partner that they couldn’t start monetizing Facebook yet because they didn’t know what it was. That is the discipline I am talking about.

These people are often built like Full Stack Business Developers (who I have dubbed the corporate unicorn, but I am starting to think they might be another form of organizational superhero).

They have a wide range of skills and have the mental capacity to see into the future, live in the now, and learn from the past. Steve Jobs was like this. He attributes his success in life to pulling inspiration from a wide range of experiences in life.

Like the idea for different typefaces for the Mac that he learned about in calligraphy class.

Jeff Bezos is another excellent example of a brand builder. Who is the closest thing we have to an internet shopping superhero.

If you pay attention to his interviews (at least early on), he always referred to his company as to reinforce in the minds of his audience that was his brand and is where they could find him.


So if you come across anyone in work or life that possesses these three abilities, you should be considering bringing them on board your team.

  1. Vision

  2. Ability To Implement Ideas

  3. Discipline

Write these down on a sticky pad, bookmark this page, email it to a colleague, whatever it takes to be mindful of these skills. Work on developing them in your personal environment as well.

An excellent way to develop vision is to give yourself a few minutes per day to think without borders. What are the craziest ideas you come up with? Write down 5 of them and then try to reverse-engineer them briefly. What would need to happen to bring that to fruition?

By doing this, you are building the groundwork for implementation. Big ideas come to life by completing a lot of small tasks. Break big ideas into smaller bite-size goals; then you are on your way to becoming a brand builder.

Now discipline is one of the hardest to master. I struggle with this in my own life but find ways to get better; mainly because discipline can be less apparent than the others.

One thing about building a business is knowing when to pivot, and shift an idea into something that is more viable and the market demands.

Everyone has their own inner compass, but one thing I will tell you about people with discipline is they are not swayed from their idea easily. They will listen to criticism earnestly but will evaluate things on their own terms and decide how to react.

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