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SEO for your brand - How to use Outbound Links – Tips And Techniques

Updated: Jan 31

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In the modern economic era, every brand owns a website. The market is more concentrated today as new businesses form and competitors seek new revenue streams to continue to grow their bottom line.

Therefore, the value of having a top search engine ranking for a website is essential to the brand development of any organization.

Only a few websites can get organic traffic, but those that have taken the proper steps will see a steady flow of users heading to their website without spending ad dollars.

This is why using the off-Page SEO technique for outbound linking can significantly support the efforts to increase a website’s search ranking.

Off-page SEO informs Google what others think about your website. So, Google can consider you relevant and rank your website.

Many brands have adopted the strategy, but more than 66% of pages do not have any backlink.

Let’s discuss some tips and tricks to use outbound links for building your brand.

Prioritize Guest Posting Outreach

The best way to acquire outbound links is by creating contextual backlinks. A common mistake that content generators make is ignoring the prioritization of outreach.

They do not outreach the platform first; instead, they generate content and then reach the platform. This creates several hurdles in getting content published.

Therefore, for the effective off-page SEO, it is adequate to reach the platform first, discuss your niche and the product you are promoting. See the following way of outreaching a platform;

You can also find guest posting sites by using different search terms such as, Your niche “write for us,” etc.

Engage with Influencers

Influencers are individuals who are experts in a field with a sizeable audience. These people can affect a consumer’s decision.

See the following example of a travel influencer’s website;

There are multiple content marketing strategies to partner with influencers.

  1. Create high-quality content with your backlinks for their platform.

  2. Have them review your product.

  3. Draft special discounts only for their audience.

  4. Conduct a survey among partners.

Each strategy plays a role in any given situation. Regardless of which one makes sense for your business, you will see increased exposure for your brand image within your target population while generating valuable backlinks that indicate your authority to search engines.

Use High-Quality Domain Links

One thing to keep in mind when thinking about off-site SEO: Establish links on high-quality websites and avoid link farms with low domain authority.

Google actively changes its algorithm for ranking websites. One main factor that the Google algorithm uses to organize search results is understanding links and priority.

The most appropriate way of acquiring links is by guest posting on authoritative websites like; Forbes, Survey Monkey, Business Insider, and Entrepreneur. You can simply contact these sites using the outreach strategy discussed above in point one.

Try Forum Posting and Blog Commenting

For building brand reputation and backlinks at the same time, forum posting is suitable. As a brand, search for the forum where similar products are being discussed.

Find a relevant thread and utilize it for creating a backlink. Attaching the link in the conversation will increase your backlinks and traffic on your website.

Forum posting and blog commenting create not only backlinks for the brand but also increase brand awareness and relationship with consumers.

You can easily find forums using the search term, “in url:forum/members”, “in url:forum/user”, etc.

Leverage from Partners

For acquiring backlinks, you can utilize existing strategic partnerships with other brands. For instance, the brand’s website has an option of ‘Official Partners’; you can use this option for your brand promotion.

Similarly, you can also coordinate with partners to create content that resonates with both of the brand’s audiences.

Create Positive Brand Sentiment

Creating a positive brand sentiment is the ultimate goal of off-page SEO. Maintain positivity of your brand by posting content that revolves around your brand and relates to the audience.

Assure that the content is attractive and effective to your target audience. Engaging social media content can also increase positive brand sentiment.

Quality Content is Essential

We all have heard the new mantra of the industry, ‘Quality Content is King’. It is true; off-page SEO is similar to PR. The more quality content you’ll provide, the more authentic and long-lasting backlinks you’ll get.

You can hire a full-time content writer rather than depending upon freelancers. The benefit of full-time content writers is they provide ongoing quality content and work on your schedule. It can be a big commitment to bring on a full content writer, indeed a good investment for any scaling business.

Additionally, a focus on a quality-first content strategy will play a significant role in minimizing any harmful backlink generation for your website, resulting in site penalization.

Post Shareable Graphics

Creating attractive and informative graphics is an effective SEO technique. You can use memes, pictures, GIFs, and videos.

Create an attractive infographic and embed it on your website. Paste an HTML below the infographic. This HTML will contain your backlink.

Whenever the infographic will be shared or used and provided HTML is placed as a source, it will create a backlink for your website.

It will not only generate a backlink for your website; it will also increase your brand’s awareness.

Reuse Broken Links

Hunt for the broken backlinks that are very useful. Search for the broken link on websites in the following manner;

Make a deal with them to provide the content for that broken link. Or request them to place your link on their web as a kind gesture.

If your website has some broken links, ask the content writer to update that broken link; for instance, you have a broken link related to education, then you can contact coursework writing services UK to re-write the link.

In case of disagreement from the previous writer, you can offer some other writer and in exchange place your link on their webpage.

Actively Use Social Media

It is essential to be actively present on social media platforms for creating brand awareness and customer retention. Along with this, it is also an opportunity to acquire a few natural backlinks.

According to Master Thesis, when a brand is engaged with consumers on several platforms, consumers start discussing it. The number of discussions on different digital forums triggers potential consumers to search the brand on search engines.

Though social media links are not counted directly for the social media ranking, it does impact attracting natural traffic.

Develop Offsite Strategy

Before processing any linking activity, it is necessary to revise your on-page SEO. The first step in drafting an off-site strategy is to research the keywords in accordance with your website.

The second is to create engaging content, including keywords, as content is still king.

The third is to promote your content on different platforms, and the fourth is to reuse the content in videos and podcasts.

By using these key elements, a winning off-site strategy can be created.

Ending Thoughts

Using outbound links to promote your brand is an adequate strategy. The recent algorithm of Google used for ranking websites is also based on backlinks.

There are several ways to use backlinks for brand promotion. But, guest posting, blog commenting, and forum posting are considered to be more effective.

I hope the tips and tricks I have mentioned above will support you in promoting your brand through backlinks.   If you are looking for a comprehensive list of SEOs across Canada check this resource from Design Rush

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