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The Corporate Unicorn: A Full Stack Business Developer

Updated: May 2, 2023

We hire people who want to make the best things in the world. – Steve Jobs

I’d like to introduce you to the unicorn within the corporate environment, otherwise known as a Full Stack Business Developer.

What makes these individuals so valuable to an organization?

Well, a Full Stack Business Developer understands the complexities and interactions between every layer of an organization.

More importantly, how those relationships translate into delivering long-term value to stakeholders (Customers, Employees, Shareholders, Communities & Regulators).

Read This Article From Harvard Business Review About Leadership & The Five Organizational Stakeholders:

Full Stack Business Developers have a unique ability to grapple with the high-level strategic thinking required to build a healthy company.

In addition to the technical savvy that is critical for executing ideas throughout the business.

Most business owners agree the business landscape has become increasingly more advanced from a technology perspective.

However, the fundamentals of excellent decision-making and strategic planning are pretty timeless.

The tools have changed, but the ideas remain the same.

Hire great people, develop amazing products, build meaningful relationships, and create a system to track results.

The challenge many businesses face is limited cross-organizational communication because departments operate within silos.

A clear understanding of the technical hurdles & goals each division encounters is a vital step in achieving overall performance.

Communication is where a Full Stack Business Developer is most useful. Breaking down barriers, maintaining focus, and getting involved in the trenches of business activity.

In other words, having an impact.

Below you will find 5 distinguishable skills that Full Stack Business Developers have that separate them from the heard.

Full Stack Business Developer: Strategic Planning


Establishing a sound strategy is the first priority in any endeavor.

All successful business owners and entrepreneurs understand that plans change. However, it is essential to map out our ideas of the future, the inherent risks, and a decision-making process for adaptation.

This foresight gives business developers a better handle on challenges that arise.

In the world of JaxonLabs, we believe in setting goals, outlining a plan, and creating a contingency for the “worst-case scenario.”

If everything were to go wrong (which generally it doesn’t) how are we prepared to tackle that and shift our thinking to achieve our goals still?

Mike Tyson once said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

By accepting that we most likely will face a challenge that may be unexpected, with a robust mental framework we can absorb these setbacks and ultimately leverage them to achieve our goals still.

A Full Stack Business Developer is equipped with an excellent decision-making process and doesn’t get stuck thinking that everything needs to be perfect before diving in.

Full Stack Business Development professionals take action and continuously utilize data to help adapt strategy to achieve business goals regardless of the obstacles.

These unicorns also do a fantastic job creating a vision for realizing goals because of their understanding of the relationship between product development, marketing, sales & accounting, and human resources.

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Full Stack Business Developer: Human Resources


A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

A Full Stack Business Developer knows how to leverage the skills of others to build a team that can accomplish more as a unit than any individual can by themselves.

When it comes to hiring, ensuring new team members understand and buy into the overall strategy and values that govern action is essential as anything.

Who better to have involved in this process than a person who intimately understands both aspects?

Full Stack Business Development experts know the right questions to ask throughout this process to ensure a business hires the right people.

Full Stack Business Developer: Product Development


The right product must be considered when building any business.

Important questions like “Are we selling a product/service that truly provides value to our customers?” & “What challenges does our target market face that we are equipped to solve?”

A Full Stack Business Developer will be able to identify challenges that customers face and fit that insight into the product development lifecycle.

Typically, developing the right product is a process of its own.

There are many people involved, and feedback is essential. It’s also important to understand the MVP (minimum viable product) you can take to the marketplace, which achieves lasting impact but may not be the ideal version of the product.

After all, many companies can go bankrupt investing too much money into product development without generating any sales.

The Full Stack Business Understands this relationship to accounting and cash flow and helps keep a business focused when taking new products to market, or establishing which current products to eliminate from the service offering.

Take Steve Jobs: He was a tremendous Full Stack Business Developer.

Always involved in the process of product development and had a philosophy that the product can’t be perfect when taking it to market.

Look at how far the iPhone has come, with initial versions lacking a video camera and the copy-paste function!

Full Stack Business Developer: Customer Engagement


Part of a successful product development process is engagement with customers. Valuable feedback sets the stage for engaging people with the right sales pitch.

People love to know that their opinion is taken into consideration.

Especially knowing your business is developing solutions specific to their challenges.

Full Stack Business Developers understand the modern landscape of marketing and the touchpoints of client engagement.

From web development, social media, email marketing, PPC advertising, lead generation, and customer nurturing from a holistic perspective is what we call Demand Generation.

The entire process is required to create awareness and turn a customer into a client and keep them coming back.

Full Stack Business Developer: Relationship Building


Finally, we come back to the holy grail of Full Stack Business Development traits. Relationship building.

They are required to engage with an array of people (and personalities) throughout an organization and externally.

Their greatest strength is building strong, trusting relationships with people.

They understand the personality types and communication preferences people prefer.

Full Stack Business Developers have an uncanny ability to pick up on the subtle differences in people. While managing the relationships in a manner that is most effective.

They are selfless in the pursuit of the objective goal. Not egotistical. After all, full-stack business developers are here to make an impact.

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