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What Exactly Is Innovation?

What Exactly Is Innovation?

The Internet of Things Will Augment Your brain – Eric Schmidt

Definition of Innovation

The actual definition of innovation according to Merriam-Webster is “the introduction of something new” or “a new idea, method, or device.”

We view innovation as the engine that drives society to new frontiers. These ideas and technologies help humanity solve problems and open up new doors of opportunity. Innovation can be achieved in small ways by optimizing processes, or through groundbreaking leaps forward.

Why is Innovation Important

As humans, we are constantly evolving. This evolutionary process is partly due to the constraints of nature but also because of the obstacles we as a society set in motion through our own actions. We created single use plastic bags and other non-biodegradable products, now the oceans are filled with junk. Innovation is required to solve this issue. The gasoline engine that has taken us leaps forward as a society. While it’s also a contributing factor of harmful emissions to the atmosphere. People like Elon Musk are looking for ways to innovate through electric vehicles. Ingenuity and creativity are required to adapt and survive. It starts as far back as creating a knife, the speer and even the wheel. Our environment is changing, therefore we must innovate within it.

How do people become innovators

At JaxonLabs we believe there is a framework for fostering innovation. We also believe the key to innovation starts with a vision of a future state regardless of knowing how to get there.

It starts with a curiosity to ask the simple but significant questions. Why are we doing this? Where do we want to go with it? What challenges do we face? What excites us?

These questions help prime the brain to start visualizing why you set out to build something in the first place Once the vision is established, assemble a team that brings different strengths and perspectives, and who are willing to engage openly.

Start a discussion about how to achieve your vision, let the knowledge experts work through how their area of expertise fits into the vision. It should become clear where the gaps are in the idea and this is where the experimentation and iterative development comes in.

The more experiences we go through, the different patterns we begin to recognize and can bring relationships together to create value. This can be expedited with the right team that brings their experiences into a collective group to triangulate and develop ideas that are truly innovative.

Some Innovations To Look Out For

Today, innovation is happening so rapidly it is hard to keep up. Here are a few innovations that we have been watching. IoT – The internet of things has a lot of potential moving forward. Stronger and smaller processing chips plus the different tools created to collect information and will change the way we live our lives. Apple airpods have rumored to be developing a sensor in the Airpods that can check vitality. Genealogy and DNA analysis – is a great website that is slowly building a database of everyone’s ancestors that could inevitably link our relationships together.

Stream Technologies – Machine learning for analyzing pictures using light reflection – platform for people to upload their algorithms and have people access them through a 3rd party platform.

Intelligent human resource systems – Heartbeat – Businesses are a result of people, understanding and strengthening culture is one of the best ways to create a successful company. Heartbeat is a tool that will provide executives with the pulse of what their people think.

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